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DLS believes customer shopping should be an exciting and pleasurable experience by the blending of interesting architecture, great marketing, outstanding merchandise presentations and exceptional customer service. The combination of all these elements makes the store special. We must continually search, learn and adjust to change and at the same time remain cost efficient. DLS is prepared to face the challenges of the millennium. The years ahead will call for vision and financial responsibility.

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Established in 1980, with a membership of 25 specialty stores, DLS has evolved to be the number one better specialty buying office with the strength of 175 men and women's specialty stores across the country. We started with one simple idea let us group together specialty stores to compete with the majors in every way by making the product special, and so we began!

In the 31 years of business our location has remained the same – Midtown Manhattan and convenient to the whole market place. DLS continues to cultivate a cooperative of information in merchandising, operations, and new strategic marketing tactics. While continuing to pursue a blending of luxury, classic, and contemporary apparel, there is also a focus on building the areas of gifts, personal grooming, gourmet packaged foods, select home accessories, novelty books, and other items to create a lifestyle and modern attitude for the future.

Keeping pace with the changes of the market place and the world and not forgetting our history, has helped us to create a stage for the future.

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The DLS principals work exclusively for the interest of the member stores, staying ahead of an always-changing market. From visiting factories in Italy and the US to viewing comprehensive collections, the DLS staff is continuously building relationships in the market, creating incentives, staying current with the trends and hot sellers, and finding that special item to fulfill a sale - the DLS staff gives 110%! The DLS Apparel Group is knit together with a team of former retailers who have also served as consultants to specialty stores – they are:


Fred Derring - men's clothing, sportswear, and accessories

Lee Leonard - retired

Virginia Sandquist – operations, women's ready-to-wear, accessories, gifts, and gourmet food giftables

Joining Fred Derring, and Virginia Sandquist in the DLS office, Jerry Park has officially moved from Atlanta to New York City to start his new position. His strong retail background (Sanger-Harris, 10+ years at Harold’s in Dallas and then his own business–Park & Company in Oklahoma City) makes him a great match for DLS, says its president Fred Derring. “I worked with Jerry in the past when he was a member of our office and was always impressed with his knowledge of the business, both traditional fashion at Harold’s and a more European sensibility at Park & Company. It’s a good fit for our 200+ clients who cover the spectrum of classic to contemporary.”

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